I’ve noticed that I’ve started comparing shows on a scale of 1 to Hannibal.

"This show is great, but it doesn’t have Hannibal-level cinematography."

"This show is awesome but it doesn’t have Hannibal-level writing"

"This show is amazing but it doesn’t have Hannibal-level amount of dogs."

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윤도현 - 요즘 내 모습 (ft. 타블로, 케이윌)

140411 Los Angeles airport© 얼루어 엘 | do not edit/crop/remove the watermark.

140411 Los Angeles airport
© 얼루어 엘 | do not edit/crop/remove the watermark.

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reasons to be anti-jaejoong: he thinks he can talk to birds

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This Korean Doctor Ranked The 10 Most Beautiful Korean Actors According To The Golden Ratio



On a Korean show, a Cosmetologist doctor named Oh Myungjoon went through 10 different idols and ranked them according to their face structure. He based their rankings off “the ratio that humans consider most beautiful and comfortable (naturally), 1:1.618 Golden Ratio”

Check out the list titled, “10 Most Naturally Beautiful Korean Male Actor Faces Ranked By A Korean Doctor”

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[FMV] Yoon Seong Ki (윤성기) - Secret

Top 8 Charming Actors With Bromances in K-Dramas



Bromance has become an important staple in Korean dramas. At times friendships between the male characters can be so endearing that viewers come to cheer them on just as much as the main romantic couple. Here are some of my favorite bromantic pairings!

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